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Jackie's Quilting Service

Thank you for visiting my web site. I offer a long arm quilting servce. I am located in Davis, Oklahoma. Animations - 194

Long arm quilting will cot correct misaligned patchwork or uneven borders that can cause your quilt to have puckers or tucks when quilted. Your quilt will be as free of pleats, fullness or tucks as your piercing allows. Jackie's Quilting Serivce is not responsible for folds in fabric due to piecer's

Pricing is determined by the size of you quilt. Prices start at one cent per square inch. To estimate th e quilting charge, multiply the length by the width of your quilt top. Then multiply that number by .01. For example: a 70 X 70 quilt top would be 4900 square inches times (4900 X .01) .01 equals $49.00.


At this time I do not provide the batting nor the backing material, you will furnish these supplies. Not included in quilting prices are:


After machine quilting is complete, your quilt will be trimmed to remove excess fabric and backing.

Payment must be made in the form of a money order or cashiers' check, before our quilt will be returned.

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